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rosweldrmr said: Hi, I'm the confessor from #99 about the original Audio. Anon, come talk to me.

There you go anon!

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Anonymous said: Hi, where can you find the original audio from the TV broadcasts of Roswell with all the original music?? (as mentioned in Confession #99)

Sorry nonnie I wish I knew. Perhaps someone else can respond to this and tell you.

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Confession #106: “I often wonder what the gang is up to all these years later. And sometimes I write fan fic about it!”

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Confession #105: “I thought Star-Crossed on CW was such a rip off of Roswell that I refused to watch it.”

Confession #104: “Roswell was my first fandom. The first fanfic I read or wrote. First fan video, forum, graphic, everything.”

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Confession #102: “I ship polar so incredibly hard. The journal scene still haunts me. There was so much potential there.”

Confession #103: “I wish the show had picked up on the unique character color and smell that the books had for powers and auras.”

Confession #101: “I still refer to every member of the cast as their Roswell chapter name. Even if they are more well-known now for other things.”

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Confession #100: “Roswell was the first TV show that I learned all the episode names for. Before Roswell I didn’t even know episodes of TV shows had names.”

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Confession #99: (Full Confession): “I can’t watch Roswell on DVD or Netflix because they changed all the music and it just sounds all wrong from how I remember it so I downloaded the DVD versions and overlayed the original audio so I could finally rewatch it all.”

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